WarZone RAT 3.03 cracked

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  1. WarZone RAT 3.03 cracked
  3. Download Link:
  4. https://ristek.link/WarzoneRAT-3.03
  7. Features
  9. Native, independent stub
  10. Stub of this RAT has been written in C++ which makes it independent from .NET Framework.
  12. Cookies Recovery
  13. Recover cookies from popular Chrome and Firefox in JSON format.
  15. Remote Desktop
  16. Control computers remotely at 60 FPS!
  17. Use mouse and keyboard to control remote computers.
  18. Remote Desktop feature is realized with a specially crafted VNC module.
  20. Hidden Remote Desktop - HRDP
  21. Control remote computers invisibly!
  22. HRDP module allows you to login to the remote machine without anyone knowing.
  23. You can open the browser even if it is currently opened on the main account.
  25. Privilege Escalation - UAC Bypass
  26. Elevate to Administrator with just 1 click.
  27. This feature has been tested and proven to work on Windows operating systems from Windows 7 to even the latest Windows 10.
  29. Remote WebCam
  30. If the remote computer has a webcam connected, you can view the stream live in the Remote WebCam module.
  32. Password Recovery
  33. Recover password from popular browsers and email clients in seconds!
  34. Grabs passwords from the following browsers:
  35. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Epic, UC, QQ, Opera, Blisk, SRWare Iron, Brave, Vivaldi, Comodo Dragon, Torch, Slimjet, Cent
  36. Outlook, Thunderbird, Foxmail
  37. Enable Automatic Password Recovery to receive passwords without touching any buttons!
  39. File Manager
  40. Upload and Download files at high speed. You can also execute and delete files.
  42. Download & Execute
  43. Execute files on remote computers.
  45. Live Keylogger
  46. You can view the keys pressed on remote computer in real time.
  48. Offline Keylogger
  49. Enable Offline Keylogger to save keylogs all the time.
  51. Remote Shell
  52. Send commands to the remote computer's CMD.
  54. Process Manager
  55. View and kill processes using Process Manager.
  57. Reverse Proxy
  58. Browse the Internet with the remote computer's IP address!
  60. Automatic Tasks
  61. Automatic Tasks are executed when client connects to your WARZONE Server.
  62. - Automatic Password Recovery
  63. - Automatic HRDP installation and Exposure to WAN
  64. - Automatic Download and Execute.
  66. Mass Execute
  67. Download and execute your file on all the connected clients with one click.
  69. Smart Updater
  70. You use Smart Updater to update your WARZONE RAT file on all the clients AND new clients until you disable the Smart Updater.
  71. Smart Updater is going to uninstall the old file only if the new file has been executed successfully AND if
  72. the new file has successfully connected to your WARZONE Server.
  74. HRDP WAN Direct Connection
  75. Expose HRDP to the Internet, WAN.
  76. You can connect directly to the public IP without reverse proxy.
  78. Persistence
  79. Persistence protects the process and the file.
  80. When process or file gets deleted, they will be recovered.
  82. Windows Defender Bypass
  83. WARZONE Client will add itself to exclusions once it executes.
  84. This will prevent Windows Defender from scanning your WARZONE Client.

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